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The original WRA sanctioned sprint car racing in California and Arizona before World War II. In 1959, when WRA relinquished its California Corporation permits, the drivers and car owners joined CRA, AAA and later, USAC.
In 1982, a group of former WRA members re-incorporated the association. Changes were made in the by-laws making WRA a non-profit corporation, dedicated to the preservation of antique automobile racing cars and fellowship. Most of the active members have been involved in racing for many years and were part of the heyday of the mighty midgets that raced at tracks throughout the country.
Former professional race driver Walt James, who was the founder and first president of the California Racing Association (CRA), was elected to be WRA’s first president, serving from 1982–1985. Indianapolis 500 veteran Cal Niday succeeded James, serving from 1985–1988.
In January 1988, Dan Fleisher was elected president and served until January 2001, with the exception of 1995, when he stepped aside in favor of Paul Price. Don Blackstone ascended to the Presidency in 2001, followed by Bob Mastroleo in 2002, John Steves in 2005 and John Lee in 2007. In 2012 Bob Mastroleo became President for the second time until 2018, when a new board of directors was named and John Wildharber became the president.
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